Traffic Offences

One of the main advantages of having a lawyer defend any of your driving charges is that you are not required to attend any of your appearances. We appear as your agent and you do not lose precious time away from work. Moreover, you do not need to deal with the stress and pressure of dealing with your own matter.

The lawyers at Myers and Company operate on an upfront fee basis for most standard driving offences. A flat fee is charged to take your case from start to finish, no matter how many appearances or hours are involved in your case, there are no surprises.

Many successful results can be achieved regardless of what you may think your liability is for the situation. Reductions in fines and points are common, outright case dismissals are also not rare. Delay arguments, Charter applications and other arguments are also possible.

We work hard to achieve your desired results and benefit from a volume of experience dealing with driving offences.

Practice Areas:
  • Impaired Driving
  • Administrative Driving Prohibitions
  • Driving While Prohibited
General Information on Driving Offences:

What Happens if Caught Driving While Prohibited or Suspended

Driving while prohibited or while your driver’s license is suspended is a criminal offence. If you’re convicted of driving while prohibited, even if it is your first offence, you will be prohibited for at least 12 months. In addition, you will face fines and possible jail time:

On a first conviction – there is a fine from $500 to $2,000 and the possibility of imprisonment for up to six months, or both (court ordered).

On a subsequent conviction – regardless of when the contravention occurred, the fine is $500 to $2,000 and 14 days to one year of imprisonment (court ordered).

The Lawyers at Myers and Company can help. There are creative ways to resolve these matters and avoid excessive fines and more importantly jail time. If Jail time or a fine is within the realm of possibility the Lawyers at Myers and Company can help you negotiate time to pay your fines and the possibility of intermittent jail (jail time served over the weekends).

Getting Your License Back After a Prohibition or Suspension

After serving your driving prohibition, you may apply to have your license reinstated.

If you were under an administrative driving prohibition (that is, the prohibition was issued by police or by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), you may have been required to enroll and complete the Responsible Driver Program. If so you may apply to have your license reinstated after the prohibition ends, and may drive while participating in the program.

If your license was suspended indefinitely you must wait a minimum of five years before you may apply to have you driver’s license reinstated.

If you were required to enroll in the Responsible Driver Program, the program must be completed before you may apply to have your driver’s license reinstated.

Failure to complete the program will result in your license suspension continuing indefinitely.

If your license was suspended due to an impaired driving conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada, you may have to complete the Responsible Driver Program before you may apply to have your driver’s license reinstated.

When you visit an ICBC Driver Licensing Centre to apply to have your driver’s license re-instated, you will have to pay all the fees for re-licensing and any fines that may have to be paid. You will also have to take any necessary tests. Refer to the ICBC website for more information on how to apply for the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

Speeding – Excessive Speeding – Red Light Tickets Etc.

Many tickets for common driving offences carry points that attach to your license. It is crucial to nip any issues with these offences in the bud as before you know it you will have a compounding of points that not only effect the status of your license but also the cost of insurance.

It is important to have an experienced, informed and diligent person to help you deal with matters that can greatly effect the status of your license.

The lawyers at Myers and Company have experience dealing with the following offences amongst others:

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