Practice Areas

Areas of Practice

The lawyers at Myers and Company primarily practice Criminal Law. They have experience in dealing with matters in Youth Court, Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

The initial in-person consultation to discuss your legal matter is always FREE and confidential. It is important to bring all relevant documentation including a report to Crown Counsel or particulars if you have received them at your first court appearance.

At you’re first meeting a discussion of the relationship we strive to achieve with you as your counsel; the prospects of success in solving your legal problem and fees are often discussed.  The process is meant to be as transparent as possible.

The lawyers at Myers and Company are willing to deal with Criminal matters out of Province. We can attend as your counsel in the Province of Alberta, Ontario and other jurisdictions upon request. We are capable of arranging agents to appear on your behalf until your dates for trial are set to proceed.

The extensive litigation experience of the lawyers at Myers and Company allows them to be of assistance in your other legal matters. The Lawyers at Myers and Company can be of assistance with Civil Claims, Small Claims Court Actions, and Family Law. We pride ourselves on Conflict resolution and service to our clients, whether it is in a Small Claims Mediation or Supreme Court Trial.

The Value of Hiring a Lawyer and Fees

Many potential clients don’t see the value of a hiring a lawyer until it is too late. A lawyer can appear as your agent for many of the interim appearances required in criminal matters. This alone significantly reduces the amount of time and energy you expend dealing with your legal matter, not to mention the time you may have to take away from work.

Beyond convenience, you hire a lawyer for their knowledge, their experience, and skill. These qualities help ensure that you receive a fair initial assessment of your

Legal matter, thorough preparation on your file before it reaches court, and hopefully a successful result. We help you navigate your legal matters translating the complicated language of the law you may not be accustomed to dealing with.

For Criminal matters, we do not charge an hourly fee for services. We have an all-in services model. You are given a quote for us to handle your entire legal matter from start to finish, so that there are no surprises.

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