The lawyers at The Myers Law Company have broad experience in criminal law and have experience dealing with all levels of court including Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. We service all the courthouses in the lower mainland including, Vancouver provincial court, Vancouver Supreme Court, Robson Square, North Vancouver provincial court, New Westminster provincial court, New Westminster Supreme Court, Port Coquitlam provincial court, Surrey provincial court, Abbotsford provincial court and Chilliwack provincial court.

Lawyers at the Myers Law Company  have experience in dealing with the following areas of the law:

Common Crimes of Violence Include: Sections of the Criminal Code of Canada
Uttering Threats
Assault Causing Bodily Harm
Assault with a Weapon
Aggravated Assault
Spousal Assaults (S.810 Peace Bond)
Sexual Assault
O’Connor Applications
Possession of a Prohibited Firearm
s. 95 (1) Criminal Code of Canada
Common Drug offences that are found in more detail in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) include:
Common Drug Offences Include: Sections of the Criminal Code of Canada
s. 4(1) CDSA
s. 5(2) CDSA
s. 5(1) CDSA
Mandatory Minimum Punishments
Common Driving Offences Include: Sections of the Criminal Code of Canada
144(1)(c) | 145(1) | 146(1) | 146(3) | 146(5) | 146(7) | 146(11) | 147(1)
Excessive Speeding
s. 148(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act
Driving without due care and attention
s. 144(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act
Dangerous Driving
s. 249(1) of The Criminal Code
Driving while prohibited
Various Sections including 95(1)
Driving without a License
s.24(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act
Driving Contrary to Restriction
s. 25(15) of the Motor Vehicle Act
Drunk Driving / over .08 / Refusal
Various Sections
Using electronic device while driving
s. 214.2(1)|214.2(2)
Other Common Criminal Code Offences Include:
Other Common Criminal Offences Include: Sections of the Criminal Code of Canada
Breaking and Entering
s. 348 of the Criminal Code
Unlawfully in a dwelling house
s. 349 of the Criminal Code
Home Invasion
s. 348.1 of the Criminal Code
s. 430 of the Criminal Code
Possession of stolen property
s. 354|355(a)|355(b)
s. 346(1) of the Criminal Code
Kidnapping/ Unlawful Confinement
s. 279(1) of the Criminal Code
s. 380 of the Criminal Code
s. 322 of the Criminal Code
Civil Forfeiture

Have you had your property confiscated as proceeds of crime?

The Lawyers at  The Myers Law Company also can assist in recouping your property.

Need money, a cellphone, or property of sentimental value returned?

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Out of Province Criminal Matters

The Lawyers at the Myers Law Comapny have experience traveling to other jurisdictions in the province but also are willing to travel to all other Canadian Jurisdictions to deal with your Criminal Matters. We are willing to discuss handling your criminal matters that are outside of the province and can arrange to have agents appear on your behalf when we are unable to attend your interim court dates awaiting trial.

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