About Us

There is no client as scary as an innocent man . . .

What Makes Us Different?

We provide effective lines of communication with clients and develop strong personal relationships with them leading to more successful results. Our experience at all levels of court and strong knowledge of the law allows us to provide effective legal defences in court with the expertise to know it works.

We are dedicated to a process-oriented approach and often write detailed legal arguments and memorandums to court in support of your legal defences.

We work as a team and provide our clients with other perspectives from the lawyers at our firm, and often collaborate on legal arguments, strategy, and trials while not increasing the cost to the client to ensure the best results.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to understand our client’s issues, objectives, concerns, and hopes. We develop intelligent strategies with the help of our greatest skills: listening, understanding, advocating, and preparation. No two clients or legal matters are the same, and it is our job as your legal advocates to help you understand your options and make strong, informed decisions when your legal jeopardy is at stake.

Our “cut-the-bull-but-not-the-corners” philosophy inspires a different kind of interaction with our clients – one that feels more like a relationship than a stale business transaction.