About Justin V. Myers

Justin V. Myers


Justin was born and raised in Vancouver. He has lived in Ottawa, Vietnam, and Australia. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with his bachelor of arts, Justin went on to obtain his Juris Doctor from Bond University in Australia. Justin completed his practicum legal training in Australia with O’Brien Lawyers, a criminal law firm in Sydney, and Stone Group Lawyers a business law firm in the Gold Coast. During his time in Australia Justin worked for Graham Turnbull S.C. of Forbes’ Chambers, now Judge Turnbull of the New South Wales District Court. Justin also worked for Lincoln Crowley now Justice Crowley of the Queensland Supreme Court.

Justin completed his articles in 2013 and worked alongside of his father Lawrence D. Myers K.C. at Myers & Co. until early 2022, when him and his brother, Zack Myers branched out and started their own criminal defence law firm, The Myers Law Company

Justin has appeared before all levels of the Court in jurisdictions across Canada. Justin has appeared in the British Columbia Provincial Court, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, Alberta Provincial Court, Alberta Court of King’s Bench, Saskatchewan Provincial Court, Saskatchewan Court of King’s Bench, and Manitoba Court of King’s Bench. Most notably Justin was lead counsel, alongside Zack and Lawrence Myers, and argued in the Supreme Court of Canada on an issue of national importance in the case of R. v. Myers, 2019 SCC 18, for which the Court unanimously decided in his client’s favour. This is the leading case and most recent pronouncement of the Supreme Court of Canada on bail. The link to the archived webcast of the hearing is found here: Supreme Court of Canada – SCC Case Information – Webcast of the Hearing on 2018-10-18 – 37869 (scc-csc.ca)

Justin practices almost exclusively in criminal law with some overlap into administrative law for driver licensing matters under the Motor Vehicle Act and residential tenancy disputes under the Residential Tenancy Act. For criminal matters Justin has a broad range of experience for matters charged under the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), the Cannabis Act. Justin has an extensive traffic violation ticket practice and also handles immediate roadside prohibitions, administrative roadside prohibitions, superintendent prohibitions, and all other types of driving prohibitions brought under the Motor Vehicle Act. Justin also has experience with petitions and judicial reviews for Motor Vehicle Act matters including but not limited to driving prohibitions. Justin also does have experience with regulatory offences such as under the Fisheries Act.

Justin is an advanced level Spanish speaker.