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The Myers Law Company

The Myers Law Company is a firm specializing in criminal law led by Justin Myers and Zack Myers. The lawyers have a wealth of experience across Provinces and in all levels of court including Provincial Court, Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. The lawyers at the firm have experience defending serious criminal cases including Murder, Importation of Drugs, Firearms, Theft, Trafficking Offences, and Arson. They have a significant amount of experience in dealing with almost all types of criminal legal matters.

The Myers Law Company prides itself on a detail-oriented and transparent approach. Lawyers at the Myers Law Company will not leave any stone unturned when approaching your case analysis and legal issues. We are clear and direct with our clients’ expectations, and you will always have a realistic picture of your possible results. You will always have an experienced lawyer to provide you with the pros and cons to pivotal decisions in your case that are ultimately yours and yours only to make.

We pride ourselves on being very experienced, hardworking, detail-oriented, and effective trial lawyers that will fearlessly defend the rights of their clients.

We recommend looking at our client reviews on Google as they are reflective of the experience we provide to our clients.

Our Lawyers

Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyers

Justin V. Myers


Justin goes to great lengths to ensure his clients’ clear understanding each step of the way so that what is often a challenging journey, is as comfortable and clear as possible. 

Zack Myers​


Zack is experienced at all levels of court and has dealt with charges such as murder, trafficking in controlled substances, possession for the purposes of trafficking, importation, arson, and firearms offences.  

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Traffic Offences

We will appear as your agent so you do not lose precious time away from work. Moreover, you do not need to deal with the stress and pressure of dealing with your own matter.


The lawyers at The Myers Law Company have broad experience in criminal law and have experience dealing with all levels of court including Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.


We have resources in Family law and are more than willing to refer our clients to experienced and effective lawyers in this area of law once we are able to garner clients’ financial means and legal issues that are in need of assistance.