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Zack Myers, Myers & Co. Letter of Recommendation

I would like to personally recommend Zack Myers as a lawyer to any parents trying to help their youth who may be in trouble. My son like many youth in Vancouver ended up in trouble due to an addiction to drugs and a bad court outcome could have hurt his entire future or possibly seen him become another overdose statistic. We don’t have a lot of money, but had hit a point where our son needed a good lawyer that saw the whole picture, not just the charge and would work to make sure we got the best outcome for our son’s health and future. Zack was worth every penny and the best decision we ever made. If you are a parent and have hit this crossroads with your youth, I would highly recommend hiring Zack Myers. He is a straight shooter with youth, does not candy coat the situation, but does encourage youth to follow a decision that is in their best long-term interest.   Zack’s hard work ensured our son got treatment, not jail time. As a parent trying to understand the subtleties of court requirements and outcomes, I greatly appreciated Zack’s patience, commitment, advice, and explanations.


A thankful parent.


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Dear Sir:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my level of gratitude and satisfaction regarding the quality and quantity of work displayed by Zack on my behalf. Over the past year, Zack has not only exceeded my expectations from a professional perspective, but through this overall demeanor as well. It is unfortunate that my relationship with Zack originated as a result of various indiscretions on my part, however, beyond Zack’s prowess in the courtroom, I’m both glad and honored to have met not just an adept professional, but a caring, trusting friend as well.

My confidence in Zack’s abilities is the reason why I’ve been diligent in recommending him to other clients. The term “dump truck” is a label often used to describe the various lawyers of disgruntled inmates. Whether this is due to actual incompetence or an over-exaggerated expectation on behalf of the inmate is unclear. What is clear, however, is the level of appreciation and satisfaction orated by those clients represented by Zack and your entire firm.

Although it is still early in his career, Zack has already shown a great degree of adeptness and potential as a bona fide lawyer. Clichés such as “Like father like son”, “A chip of the old block”, and “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” quickly come to mind when I think of Zack in relation to yourself. Granted, I have never met you before, yet in listening to those who have, your reputation, too, is highly esteemed, which undoubtedly explains Zack’s inherited traits.

As I prepare to turn the page from one chapter to the next, I do so with great anticipation. Beyond the completion of a short term rehabilitation program, I hopeful of seeking and securing meaningful employment shortly thereafter. In the meantime, I am both blessed and privileged to have come to know Zack and look forward to maintaining relations with him on a more positive note – outside of the courtroom.




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I got arrested this year and I did not have a lawyer and a friend of mine recommended Zack Myers. I have had a few lawyer’s in the past and Zack is by far the best lawyer I have ever had.

I had more than 10 charges and thought I was looking at 2years + of serious jail time. I never thought I had a chance at Bail and Zack got me bail for the first time that I ever remember. I was released to Vision Quest Recovery Society and have maintained a path moving forward and not backwards. Zack got a lot of my charges dropped and I received a CSO for all the other charges. I have over 50 convictions in the past and Zack got me bail.

Zack is very good at what he does. He answers all my calls and he is very professional. If you don’t have a lawyer I recommend Zack Myers.

Reza Fazeli


Over the course of my involvement with the law I have personally had four different Lawyers represent me in the courts.

However, never have I been so professionally, carefully, and empathetically represented by a defense attorney as I have from the law firm of Myers, McMurdo, Karp, and Patey Trial Lawyers, particularly Mr. Zack Myers, who has not only kept me abreast of every development concerning my matters, but who has also acted as a friend by ensuring my safety and compliance with my conditions.

Zack Myers is the only lawyer I’ve ever had that has showed a sincere genuineness to my well being. He knows what he is doing and amazingly enough is often more concerned about keeping me out of jail at times than myself! Zack cares and I can unequivocally say that he is not just my lawyer, but a friend.

Thank you Zack for all your hard work, efforts, care, and concern for my well being and recovery. You are truly a blessing and I am very thankful and blessed to have you in my corner.