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Distracted Driving – Driving with Electronic Device information

Distracted Driving – Driving with Electronic Device information

I have provided a quick summary in the body of this blog and then a more detailed discussion of the policy including a chart of the points schedule for intervention for various offences is included in the DRIVER

Effective June 1, 2016, the fine for a distracted driving violation ticket
has more than doubled, from $167 to $368.

The number of associated penalty points applied to a driver’s record has also increase from 3 to 4
points. On a first infraction, this will also result in a driver paying a
further $175 ICBC Driver Penalty Point premium, for a total of $543 for a
first infraction. For a second infraction within a one-year period, not
only does the driver have to pay another $368, but the ICBC Driver Penalty
Point premium will increase to $520. Additional infractions will result
in a further escalation of ICBC Driver Penalty Point premiums.

Distracted driving infractions have also been added to the list of high
risk driving infractions that trigger early intervention and driving
prohibitions through the Driver Improvement Program (DIP). Experienced
drivers who incur two or more infractions within 12 months will be
considered high risk and their driving records will be reviewed by DIP,
potentially resulting in a 3-12 month prohibition. Graduated Licensing
Program (GLP) drivers who incur one distracted driving infraction will
also be considered high-risk, and will be reviewed by DIP, potentially
receiving a 1-6 month prohibition. GLP drivers may be subject to longer
prohibitions for subsequent infractions.

Justin Myers

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